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While other Hair Extension methods place unnessecary strain on your own hair due to knotting, using hard beads or placing heat directly onto the hair and literally melting a bond into it, the Hair Angels method is the most gentle, using a keratin powder bond that expands and contracts with your own hair, as it does naturally throughout the day.  Our bond allows you to wear your Hair Extensions like you would your own hair, you can swim, bathe, brush and style your hair just like you normally would.  

Cold Fusion Application

Cold Fusion Application

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Hair Angels attaches the bond to bulk hair, allowing for custom applications.  The bond can be made as small as tiny little pins around the hairline, making it virtually impossible to detect.  Because we are able to customize the size of the bond and amount of hair we use, we are able to decrease the amount of weight placed on your natural hair.  We carry all different colors of bond for every color customization.  During the consultation, we will match your hair to the extension hair to create a seamless look, no one will be able to tell that you have extensions unless you tell them!


Hair Angels bond lasts between 3-6 months, depending on how well it is taken care of.  Many other Hair Extension companies offer extensions that last for 6 months or longer, however, we do not recommend keeping any extensions in for longer than 3-4 months even if the bond is in-tact because of the strain it places on your natural hair. After three months, your hair has grown long enough to have the bond literally dangling a couple of inches from the scalp, increasing the chances of tangling, or worse, pulling the hair from the scalp.  We will be happy to provide a gentle removal if necessary.  


The most important aspect in deciding on Hair Extensions is finding a fully licensed and accredited extension specialist that uses a method that will never damage the integrity of your natural hair.  Hair Angels system is gentle enough for the finest hair type, infact many of our clients use our extensions for thickness as well as lengh.  Ultimately, your Hair Extensions should help you grow your natural hair while enjoying the benefits of length while you wait! 

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